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Bihar State Productivity Council

Registered Society :

The Bihar State Productivity Council (BSPC) Is the state level arm of The National Productivity Council (NPC) under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India. The BSPC is a non - profit and autonomous organization registered under the societies Registration Act XXI, 1860 and function as a premier organization in creating awareness amongst the community for productivity promotion and demonstrating innovative skills in the frontier areas of management and technology oriented disciplines. The above objectives are achieved by BSPC through organising regular Seminars, Workshops, Skill Upgradation Programs and Competition etc. For employers, employees and functionaries of industrial units, farmer bodies, women groups, entrepreneurs, youth and students. Based on the deliberations and views and suggestions received at these events, A set of recommendations are prepared for necessary follow - up initiatives at the level of government and concerned stakeholders with focus on socioeconomic development of Bihar State. These events are generally organized through sponsorships from major industrial units NABARD, Banks, Governments etc. The NPC was founded by Government of India on 12th February, 1958. The Bihar state productivity council was first established as Patna Productivity council during August 1994.

Organization & Institutional Structure:

The BSPC is a TRIPARTITE BODY has membership from employers and employees and the Government and also from technical and professional institutions and individuals. The BSPC activities are managed through a GOVERING BODY comprising of 30 (Thirty) Members of which 20 Members are elected bi-annually at the Annual General Meeting of the council and has the following composition:

  • Five (5) Members from Employers Organisations .
  • Five (5) Members from Employees Organisations .
  • Five (5) Members from various interests including Educational, Research and those connected with agriculture.
  • Five (5) Members representing interest other than above individual Members.
  • Four (4) Members shall be representatives of the Governments (one seat will be for the Regional Director, National Productivity Council or his nominee).
  • The Council Co-opts a Maximum of five (5) Members as members of the Governing Body who can effectively contribute in getting the objectives of the Council fulfilled. (Co-Option is       made at the first newly elected governing Body after the Annual general meeting).
  • Immediate past president of the council is the Ex – Officio members of governing Body.

For the proper administration of the affairs of the Council, the Governing body elects of the office - Bearers for the council comprising of president, vice presidents, Honorary joint Secretaries and Honorary Treasurer.

The Honorary secretary General is the principal Executive Officer of the council and is responsible for the proper administration of the council under the direction and guidance of the president and the Governing Body.

The power functions and duties of each of the Office – Bearers have been published in the memorandum of association and rules of the BSPC.

The Account of the BSPC are audited annually by a qualified chartered accountants and the honorary Treasurer maintains proper accounts and other relevant records and pre pares an annual statement of accounts including the balance sheet in a from as prescribed by the council. Main initiatives of BSPC:-

  • The BSPC regularly plans and implements seminars, Workshops Skill up gradation programmes and interaction Meet in schools colleges and vocational institution on the topics       related to the various facets of productivity with emphasis on enhancement of socioeconomic status of Bihar state .
  • In addition to the above activities the BSPC organizes some SPEACIAL EVENTS every year on the occasion of EARTH DAY (22ND April), WORLD ENVIRNOMENT DAY (5TH June),       WORLD FOOD DAY (16TH October) and the PRODUCTIVITY WEEK CELEBRATIONS (12th to 18th February).
  • To promotes awareness in respect of the above events as well as to share the experiences and suggestions of the professional, experts policy - makers and R&D advancements made       by the colleges of agriculture University, RAU and other National level institutions like NABARD, national dairy development Board Indian council of agriculture research IFFCO etc.
  • The council publishes SOUVENIRES on the occasion of the events and also publishes the seminar proceedings and recommendations for necessary follow - up action at the level of       government, policy - makers, and research and academic institutions.
  • The council has also set up CONSULTANCY AND TRAINING CELL for achieving its objectives as well as to undertake consultancy and evaluation projects available with government       and academic institutions.

Some important programmes of organised for consideration of Government and concerned stakeholders:

  • Promotion of dairy and food processing industries with special reference to quality management.
  • Awareness programme on Agriculture productivity and water resource management organised at village Datiana for farmers of datiana gram panchayat on 16.09.2006.
  • Bihar Vision - 2015 with focus on socio – economic development and productivity enhancement of Bihar State organised on 22.10.2006.
  • National seminar on “SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT” organised on 01.09.2007.
  • National seminar on “ROLE OF EMPLOYERS AND LABOUR UNION” in productivity enhancement organized on 28.06.2008.

National/State level programmes conducted during April 2009 - march 2011:

  • Awareness programme on “PETROLEUM CONSERVATION AND ENERGY CONCERVATION” for students and concerned stakeholders organised on 01.08.2009.
  • Awareness programme on “ENERGY CONCERVATION” for industrial and commercial establishment with focus on use of Renewable Energy sources during November 2009.
  • National seminar on “SCOPE OF FOOD PROCESSING INDUSTRIES” for socioeconomic development of Bihar during January 2010
  • National seminar on “ENERGY CONSERVATION POLICIES” with focus on Bihar state – during December 2009.
  • National seminar on “WATER RESOURCE MANAGEMENT” during March 2010.

Some important programs of BSPC organized during 2011-2018 for the benefit of government and concerned stakeholders:

  • Conduct of “certificate program in management Consultancy” in collaboration with Consultancy Development centre (an autonomous organization under ministry of science &       Technology, government of India).
  • Functioning as “knowledge management partner institution” of consultancy development centre (autonomous under min of S &T Govt, of India).
  • Celebration of world food day during all the years with collaboration of NABARD and other government and business organization on themes declared by FAO. Each year a souvenir is       being published and also published “report and recommendation of seminar” separately compiled for distribution among policy makers and member of academia.
  • Celebration of world Environment day during all years at different institutions on themes identified by UNEP. The proceedings are also uploaded on website of UNEP for worldwide       circulation and acclaim.
  • Celebration of productivity week each year on themes declared by National Productivity Council at different industrial, government and social organizations.